Matt Erickson and Ben Stewart women abuser gangsters

Matt Erickson and Ben Stewart women abuser gangsters

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met Matt Erickson year ago at white rock beach . He tried to play it off like he was part of some big gang in white rock that ran the drug trade … but really he is a scared little boy … this scum bag rapist put ghb in my drink and him and his buddy Ben raped me and then laughed about it when they woke me up and made me leave . The sad this is Matt Erickson is a new father with a wife Jenny Erickson but him and his buddy Ben Stewart that works at “bay realty” . Both these guys are pigs and now the world will see how hey cheat and rape . When I hung out with these two they talked about selling drugs for hells angels in white rock and everything totally tried to hard but it was my mistake going back to there house . It taken me a year to bring this out and I need to warn women of white rock and surrey . Ben Stewart and Matt Erickson are rapist and sleep underage women . At the time I was 14

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  1. ghandaDecember 6, 2018 at 4:31 AM

    These guys look like douches, but your story doesn’t sound real.