Tamara Ashley — Low life hooker junkie

Tamara Ashley — Low life hooker junkie

THE DIRTY ARMY: Stay away from her she’s a junkie floozy who will rip you off any chance she gets she will agree to whatever you want to then will do nothing but rip you off she’s a junkie slore who is a loser deadbeat street trash if you do sink that low make sure to use protection she likes to get pregnant by her John’s as she can and then extort them for abortion money or support and then she’ll give the kid up anyhow or she’ll take you back to her place which is a women’s shelter where they can use drugs and bring their dates called Littles place then will say she needs to go get some dope leave you in her apartment and not come back until the Staff kicks you out real piece of work this one stay clear


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  1. AnonymousDecember 9, 2018 at 5:54 PM

    It sounds like she did that to you . She got what ever she needed off you and then got her staff to kick you out .