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  1. Ashley BMarch 20, 2018 at 3:39 PM

    I have now noticed there is another page with 80 comments of other people’s horrible encounters with this con man. If you type into the dirty.com Nathan Daly Sydney and scroll down until you see his photo click on the photo and you will see the comments.

    • Crown street SydneyOctober 29, 2018 at 9:20 AM

      Hello everyone-
      Firstly I would like to express how shocked I am by the comments Re; Nathan Daly .

      1 . I thought long and hard about posting anything on this site about him , I now believe it’s in the public interest.

      2. I am a medical professional.
      I met Daly on a adult website called “ Craig’s list last year . He replied to my add in the gay and transsexual classifies .

      3. I am a male who dresses in female clothes for sexual fun .

      4. Daly who used a different name on our first encounter ( most straight men do, it’s called discretion). I live close to his employment and he would visit me weekly on his lunch break .
      5. Daly insisted on unsafe sex practiceices as he told me he was married and clean and disease free .

      He told me I was the only other person he was having a sexual relationship with . ( this was so untrue )

      6. I saw Daly over several months . He was handsome kind , non judgmental.
      7. He told me about his many emotional issues and depression related issues .

      8. I felt extremely sad and concerned for him . He told me he was suffering from a rugby accident and finance issues .
      I was not in a position to help him at that stage so he didn’t mention anything again .

      9. I was having coffee locally with a gay friend . He was very sad , he wanted to talk to me about an urgent matter .
      He told me he was seeing this “ hot “ guy who he met from Grindr ( a gay app like tinder ) . This hot guy had infected him with DRD .
      What could I say ,? I was so upset and shocked .
      I asked do you have a photo of this guy to see if I had seen him around . I don’t use Grindr , I was curious as this guy was local .

      10. To my disgust and shock the photo was Nathan Daly . He had infected my friend .
      I felt so sick and betrayed . I honestly started to vomit .
      I left the cafe in tears .

      11. I got home and had a shower and went to bed .
      The next day I attended a clinic , I was tested for DRD and sexually transmitted disease .
      I tested positive to 2 infections , negative for DRD . The doctor explained to me that I am not in the clear after the next 3 months.

      12. I messaged Daly on his mobile , he then blocked me .
      I telephoned him at work and he refused to take the telephone call .

      13. From that point I discovered the type of person Daly is .
      I confided in my local gay group and we still discuss Daly . My friend did a search and we discovered this post and others .

      14. I must point out
      I am a gay male
      I never wanted anything more then a sexual relationship with Daly .( he told me he’s married and wanted a cum dump)

      He never stole from me like the others claim alledge .

      He infected me two DRDs; I believe he knew he was infected ., Daly only cares for himself and not the welfare of others .

      I need to share my story .

      I am a great decent person and if Daly wanted to trace my E-mail and take me to court as some woman is allegeing in the other posts I have all the evidence , video evidence of sex with him in drag , his emails and his facitious E-mail he uses , kik conversations and many private photo of his private parts .
      He also visits my trans sex worker for a 50 special and she had secretly filmed him for evidence .

      I wish the authors of this site ;all the victims more foreword and forget Daly .
      His looks will fade and his behaviour will never change .
      I can not believe that you woman are so desperate and naive @ fall for his amazing charms.
      I don’t hate Daly , I do not believe he can be helped, He will self distruct .