C|_|m dumpster pepsihead Destiny Desjarlais

C|_|m dumpster pepsihead Destiny Desjarlais

THE DIRTY ARMY: DESTINY ROSE DESJARLAIS is an infested bag chaser pepsihead who will fuck anybody for a hoot, and I mean ANYBODY.. She lives in a one-bedroom rooming house with people sleeping in bed beside her and on her floor next to her. Her pad is filled with bedbugs and she has scabies blotches all over her body. She’s about 115 lbs. And spends all her boy’s flow on rock. She beats up her poor boyfriend Max (who’s actually a decent guy). His eye sockets are so badly bruised the red blood vessels are damaged beyond belief – which makes him look like he has permanent black eyes ALL THE TIME. This junkie mooches off him so bad sucking all his money until he’s down to nothing and then when he’s asleep she robs him and takes off with whoever she can find to get her high. Her face is all bumpy and scabbed over from the bad dope and she wears the same cum stained clothes every day until she can find a drunk bum to rip new one’s from. She considers herself a “savage” cause she gets into fights. (Sorry Hun but, you’re not tough when the only people’s hair you pull and face’s you scratch are drunk, intoxicated pepsihead’s like yourself)! She’s fuked over everyone and once she’s all used and washed up she tries to run back to her one-bedroom grimy ass rooming apartment to cry and beg max to take her scrawny diseased ass back. Watch out for this junkie. She’ll fuk your man without a rubber and spead her infested disease as far as the pipe will carry her!!!!!!!!!!!!

–OP, Max sounds like a real decent guy with and his girlfriend sounds like a good catch.


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  1. nunyuhbizJune 28, 2018 at 1:18 AM

    Yo thiz b1tch right here hurting AFFFF. Racks up debt with anyone who’ll front her than hides and scrounges her way to the next. PUT THA PIPE DOWN SUSSS

  2. AnonymousJune 19, 2018 at 4:21 AM

    Makeup stealing b1tch. Cant afford her own so shes gotta steal from people who earn their things