THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this manipulator of a mom is back at it again. She won best manipulator for 2016 and featured on here before and now people need to know just how brutal she is! Kate is always causing trouble for others. She strives on drama calls the police on everyone and then hides her lies! She beats her kid and denies everything! She even has been fuking her ex fiance’s older nasty brother Ryan Mizak Thrasher, whom I might add is quite the drama queen himself.He cheated on a friend of mine in Kelowna Canada. After being caught cheating on just about every guy shes with, spreading DRD’s like wildfires she resorts to recording everything about her ex’s showing only half the truth to make herself look like a victim. With all the time she spends generating and editing mssgs and texts and facebooking it all to look good like the FACEBOOK mom she is, she could be actually parenting her kid like a normal mom.

Anyone who knows her family knows to stay away and that their all crazy! She dropped out of my classes I had with her right before exams so she could stay on welfare and string her games along playing with her ex fiance’s head Jessie. She uses her kid as an excuse for why she cant be in school or work, yet shes the one making her kid sick She sinks to the low, trying to manipulate anyone she can to get back at her ex’s. We all know what your all about KATE! we also see through your lies! The new recent low she took has her brainwashing her ex fiance’s older brother! dividing families just to get back at an ex is seriously whacked! She will create fake profiles cause drama then block you, then unblock you and have a wild story to tell for an excuse of why she did it. Kate needs to know everyone now is exposing her lies, we all have truth to her BS and will continue to expose her until she stops! She plays the victim well, she looks for pity at all costs. She should have been an actress as she puts on the act well! But when your sick, borderline with everything, thrive on drama and master manipulator like she is, she will never change! I was once her friend, but she lied and fucked my man behind my back. When she gets confronted she always cries and says everyone is always trying to ruin her life when in reality we just cant put up with her BS! You need to STOP! KATE! Before you ruin your daughters life ! I could go on forever with what she does but thats a waste of time. Hopefully people see this and are aware! KATELIN ANDERSON is BORDERINE!


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  1. KateAugust 14, 2018 at 6:16 PM

    Why is everyone always bullying me for. I haven’t done anything wrong