Avoid Many Fekete of Mississauga

Avoid Many Fekete of Mississauga

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, avoid Maty Fekete or @cutsbymaty at all costs. I went out with this guy in high school 6 years ago and after two months of hanging out, he called me and told me it was off for no reason. This year I thought we could spark things up again ….we went out one time and thankfully, he was an open book – he told me everything about himself and his past relationships and I felt this time we really connected over our honest persnalities.

We continued to date for two months as he continuously confessed his attraction towards me, his willingness to be with me, and complimented how easy going I was. He was taking me on dates, texting/video calling me everyday, telling me he wants to move in with me, buying me souvenirs, complimenting my potential and capabilities, nourishing me back to health when I had been sick. This guy went all out; he’s done more than I mentioned. He even told me wanted to marry me. These are all things I never asked for yet just received.

Very soon after two months he came back from his second business trip that month and he told me he needed some time to himself ….which obviously was the best lie hes told yet. Then he never talked to me again. No explanation. He played me. The juicy part: Before we ever had sex, he told me got DRD… I had to take a trip to the doctor shortly after having not believed him when he promised he was completely cured.


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  1. TellahoeNovember 9, 2017 at 10:16 AM

    B*tch, you’re oblivious and stupid for falling for the same guy who played you years ago. Learn from your own mistakes instead of seeking revenge out of stupidity.