Bank litigator bullying families out of houses — John Barca of Royal Bank

Bank litigator bullying families out of houses — John Barca of Royal Bank

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this scumbag John Barca has systematically worked as the Royal Bank’s pitbull. He sends lawyers after families and anyone that’s late and can’t afford to pay their bills. My personal friend just lost everything when they pursued a court case. He couldn’t afford a lawyer and they ran him over! He’s in a 400 square foot basement apartment with 5 kids! To top it all off, it wasn’t even his debt! It was fraudulent and he couldn’t fight the big lawyers the bank hired.

The judge said we believe you, but you do not have an a sworn affidavit!! Scumbag lowlife! 100’s more that this predator has put into the trenches. He claims to care for children, but lurks in the background and sinks people that can’t afford to pay. He’s also a convicted felon who’s lied to his employer. A little digging will show his dark side as well. I’ll leave it to your fans to find this out- it’s pretty bad!

John, strong use of the vignette filter… it really dulls down the forehead wrinkles and thinning hair. Smart move.- nik

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  1. SpongebobJune 2, 2018 at 5:29 PM

    But he is not alone in this. His boss Doug Guzman of RBC and entire RBC leadership is behind him, including the CEO David I. Mckay.
    Does this prick have family? Imagine living with this monster, feel sorry for them.