This Gap Tooth Creature – Breanna Holzendorf

This Gap Tooth Creature – Breanna Holzendorf

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This gap tooth creature flirts & steals boyfriends she was raised by a drunk alcoholic mother maybe if she didn’t suck a soother for two and a half years this b*tches teeth would look fine. She’s been f*cked in every orpheus. She’s on her reds every other day. She’s clingy & disgusting & has no point of perception. She has too steal other people’s clothing & sh*t stain underwear too wear for her raunchy ass. Maybe if she got sense knocked into her instead of snitching on everybody in this rat town we wouldn’t have a problem. She’s vulnerable & doesn’t know how to pay a debt, conniving thief & liar. She prefers abortion instead of taking the proper teen parenting responsibilities. She’ll cheat on her main man for there best friends. She’ll leave that next man for any man giving her attention because it’s always poor her poor her. Overall she’s a disgusting used product hand me down piece of sh*t. I rate her a negative 10 out of 10. I could go forever but a blog just isn’t big enough. Thx for reading till the end!

–OP that will be $500 for the therapy session. I’m always here to help

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  1. TheWolfJune 9, 2019 at 6:24 PM

    Damn, she’s cute af though. and that body is ripped