Briar Ames — Meath Slore /Snitch Plus Theif

Briar Ames — Meath Slore /Snitch Plus Theif

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her number one thing is sex for cash or drugs cant keep her legs closed one point of tina she will fuk down the house, gangbang is her famous get it done in one shot. she’s a rat of the streets of toronto she gave a statement to the police and testfied in court which gave him a L.T.O (long term offender order) .She stole his dog and took all of his money that he had in his bank account while he has been incarcerated. there is paperwork on her snitching k.b.g video police used for court for good nasty get a hold of her contacts 275 dundas st et toronto busser 1 her pimp edward gives her up for trades of weed phone number is 6477460120

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  1. The Upper East Side VigilanteDecember 13, 2018 at 9:25 PM

    … you mean the guy who bit her face and tried to kill her? Who beat that dog within in inch of its life and then proceeded to beat briar more? DW if you were that mad at briar you should have double checked who it was exactly that put your a55 on blast (it was me) xoxo Gossip girl