fentanyl dealing snitch DW De Sousa and his floozy main squeeze

fentanyl dealing snitch DW De Sousa and his floozy main squeeze

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Gave out business cards advertising their drug dealing business with his number. Known to associate with people like Ramon Batang Lopez, known CI and child molester, fathered a child with Jazmyn Jackson (also known snitch) and lets her tell her boyfriend Errickson (heroin dealer) think it’s his. Fentanyl dealer, gets girls hooked on fent to get them to have sex with him. Openly lies to his girlfriend who is dense enough after 10 years to accept his lies about fathering children with the girlfriends of his drug dealing competition, this idiot needs to be hung out to dry. The police have been in contact with DW over many years after his failed career of robbing drug dealers got him bit in 2010-2011.

He forces his girlfriend to bite the bullet for him when they get stopped with drugs together and then later pleads out letting other people go down for other drug charges he’s accumulated while out on bail. He’s directly ratted out (providing location info, schedule, confirming identity, etc ) several individuals including his own girlfriend to the police who are on a first name basis with him, and openly text and call him when they need to make their quotas (s/o to 52, 53, 54 division). After having the police lock other people up (prompted by them or when he gets arrested for being a jack off and he snitches to get bail or privileges in jail where he always sits in “special needs” care and not for being an HIV infested roach) he is known to resort to his old robbery ways and steals the belongings of whichever dope dealer he’s just got thrown in the bin. An unapologetic rat faced goof. Recent hit included ratting out owner of savvy to art gallery for his drug dealing business (February 2018) however given he is arrested every 2-6 months you can be assured he sends at least 2+ people to jail annually (this is grossly underrepresented and valued, as I know he sends his gf alone to jail several times a year, and the police text him constantly about whether or not he recognizes people in photos or if he knows where they’re at) Sarah this ride or die twit lets her man do whatever he wants, including ratting out Jon Ash (who murdered Leanne Freeman) who Sarah let stay at their place after the murder was committed. She has no spine, no moral compass, and for all the general public knows is also a rat herself (lord knows the fact that she openly disputes incidents she has witnessed, such as him receiving a phone call from Toronto police looking for a dealer who she was friends with to which DW gave them his exact address) they are inmeshed and she is horrifically abused by this piece of shit, but she is a danger to all by how inmeshed she is with him and his ways. Both of them are equally responsible, 10 years of this shit isn’t a fucking mistake of ignorance. She also lets DW drive around and fuck all these hoes getting gonnorhea, hep c, etc. And then lets him beat up these chicks when they do her the fucking solid of telling her that they fucked her man. Sarah, grow the fuck up and get out of this bullshit before your ride or die ends up as two birds of a feather dying together. He ain’t worth it, your kids deserve better and we all would like to stop going to jail because he can’t keep our damn names out of his mouth to keep him from the r.o.p.e program etc.


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  1. Big SpicOctober 28, 2018 at 1:43 AM

    The guy is a great spic.

  2. JibTechsAugust 24, 2018 at 10:35 PM

    DW is a snitch bitch. How does someone get raised so many times and keep getting bail. He’s definitely talking to feds. And isn’t his brother a cop or something? He beat Sarah while she was pregnant all 8 times or whatever how many kids they made for the government. Hey let’s make another child because the first 7 CAS took isn’t enough. Wtf is wrong with these buckets?

  3. Toronto Ice CapadesAugust 14, 2018 at 6:16 PM

    yup, whoever wrote this about DW & Sarah is pretty much bang on.
    This lowlife HIV infested snitch does indeed work for the coppers, we all know DW…come on, it’s actually common knowledge in the “scene”, lol

    if you look up degenerate bucket in the dictionary, yup you guessed it, his ugly hep c face shows up.