Jade Naraine the cyberstalking psycho and cheap floozy

Jade Naraine the cyberstalking psycho and cheap floozy

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met up Jade Naraine aka Jade Thelwell so called “singer” more than 3 years ago on a dating app. We only been on 2-3 dates and up to these days Jade Naraine is still pestering, stalking and harassing me. She wrote countless of lies on all sorts of website just because I was not interested in her and turned her down. She claims that she was my girlfriend. Like WTF, we only met 2-3 times !! This girl is a delusional liar! Later, I found out that Jade Naraine did the same to many other men that she met online. She just can’t handle rejection. The problem with Jade is that she is extremly dull, boring, superficial and narcissist. She thinks that she is a God’s gift to mens but she is a complete nightmare ! She is also nothing to look at, and to be honest, even with tons of makeup, Jade Naraine has hideous acne. Jade Naraine also admits that she is an floozy that sleep with men in exchange of money. She must be riddled with DRDs ! Beware!


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  1. henriSeptember 1, 2018 at 8:19 PM

    Jade has a heart of gold

  2. Jade's daddyJuly 13, 2018 at 7:53 PM

    I met up Jade Naraine online and she is a p4p.
    And she is truly ugly in person, with hideous acne. YUCK !!!

  3. Michelle's friendJuly 13, 2018 at 2:53 PM

    This is most likely written by lawyer Andrei Korottchenko, Jade’s stalker and possibly Luke Halstead, the guy who raped her. Her website says she got involved with some bad men over the past few years because she was vulnerable. One of them was a complete sociopath. Google Luke Halstead… I actually know Luke’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Roth and wrote to Jade to give her some evidence to use in her court cases against him. I’ll write it here too. You can find them in Roth v Halstead in the public court records.

    1. Luke Halstead didn’t just sexually assault Jade. Another woman who doesn’t know him, testified in court records that he is verbally, physically and mentally abusive to women.
    2. He was in contempt of the court twice.
    3. He was stated to not be credible, by a judge!
    4. His son suffers Depression, Anxiety and low self-esteem because of him.
    5. Another woman describes him to have similar traits to a sociopath, just like Jade.
    6. He slandered other girls to have borderline personality disorder, who have no mental illnesses.
    7. He’s being sued by multiple women for over 1.5M for sex assault, child custody with no access, child support, and public mischief for having his girlfriends falsely charged.
    8. He was charged with assault and drugs but got a record destruction so now he’s a part-time paramedic.
    9. He’s verbally abusive and forces his son to do activities he doesn’t want to do.
    10. He made a bomb and was warned by the OPP and chief of firearms with a warning placed on his licence.
    11. He’s a polyamory sex addict
    Note that any comments below, are written by either Andrei Korottchenko or Luke Halstead. Both are obsessed with getting Jade in trouble for her TRUTHFUL postings of these men. Thank God judges in Canada know that a girl posting how a guy treated her is NOT harassment. According to her site, her lawyer Danny Kayfetz says she’s innocent of all of her fake “harassment” charges brought by the stupid men lol and that she will not be accepting any deals. These controlling women user men just can’t stand it when she exposes them for who they are so they ask the police to help them. It appears though, that from her site, judges are more on her side. It says on her site that judges consider her very credible and don’t care about the charges since it’s just an officers opinion until a court finds guilt. The judges have apparently said that her postings of boyfriends are not harassment because she proves that what she says is true so she decided to sue the police for all of the false charges. On bad biz there is also a letter from a lawyer stating that she’s a victim of a bunch of misconduct too. It’s good she’s fighting back. Honestly, most people would just accept it and move on. I mean most girls who don’t get their sex assaults prosecuted or charged just accept misconduct it but I admire her guts and will for fighting back and making change for the better. I think far too many sex assaults go without anything being done. Good for her! Just ignore these guys Jade, you are beautiful inside and out for what you do for girls. Goodluck with all of your cases and your career! :) I hope I helped a bit.

  4. demiJuly 13, 2018 at 2:33 PM

    I am pretty sure this was written by a lawyer named Andrei Korottchenko. All the comments pretending to be other men who dated her are probably also Andrei Korottchenko. According to another site, he’s facing 2 law suits and has been stalking her online. It also says that there’s a group of men who are upset at her cause she revealed a statement of how she was treated by them. They tried to get her in trouble with police but she was innocent of all charges because the judges said her postings were not illegal like police thought, so they decided to start a smear campaign online instead. Andrei needs to be restrained. He’s become obsessed with her life. This girls passport was also illegally seized by police for a minor harassment charge where an investor owed her a payment which she ended up getting when she sued him. Charges were withdrawn but too trusting. She’s a nice girl. Apparently her career was at a standstill for 3 years due to her passport issues but it looks like she’s getting it back in December after two federal court judges ruled that her charter rights were breached, so she should be doing better in her career next year. She might have a lot of money from the Government to launch her career too since she’s launched a multi-million dollar law suit against them, so that’s good for her. Her instagram says she’s planning an American tour next year. Her life is also being made into a true story movie. Bet Andrei and the boys will be jealous of that. My advice to her is to stay away from men and dating and focus on her career and a good man will find her one day.

  5. chuckyJuly 12, 2018 at 3:09 PM

    I also went out with her once, you are correct she is extremely boring and it was the longest couple hours ive ever had…, all about herself and her going nowhere singing career

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