Jamal Morrison — THE 6IX’S DRD NAME JAMAL

Jamal Morrison — THE 6IX’S DRD NAME JAMAL

THE DIRTY ARMY: HI Nik, This Guy name JAMAL is running around the 6ix with his DRD. Bouncing from woman to woman and which ever one he can get the most out of he takes and then moves on to the next when he can’t get nothing more. Like Black man name fool when you going to learn the more that you take from people aka these lil girls the more you will lose, and you will never have nothing. Nik, seriously I feel sorry for the girl that he is with now. POOR GIRL cause from what I saw at his birthday party he has absolutely no respect for that poor girl. Bring his next side thing or whatever the next one is to his birthday party and ignoring the poor girl that is supposed to be his girl most of the night. Seriously Jamal you need to stop this sh1t for real, you too old for this sh1t man. You a 28-year-old man. You a father of 3 and it is said that you have a next one out there and some girl claiming that you they baby father. You don’t even take care of your children, but you just want to keep nutting in these little girls and having children. Grow UP. Like You are a has been and will not get nowhere in like cause all you do is live off people. Dude you are a basketball reject with no life and nothing to show. Bit#$% you full of DRD and running around the 6ix just nutting in every hole bare back. Does the girl that you with know that you have a next girl that you took a trip with to the states. I bet she don’t. But then again when you get caught cheating you always claim that “OH SHE IS JUST A FRIEND” …… Stop using “Mario’’ the singer’s line because I am sure that he doesn’t know you using his line for free…. Then again you would not be able to pay the man copyright infringement. There is something mentally wrong with you JAMAL seriously there is. Like everyone know that you were hurt seriously as a child but does not mean that you should inflict that pain on these young girls. Go and get yourself some professional help. You know start off with going to the DR. and getting yourself treated for all them damn DRD’s you keep sharing to these girls, then see someone to talk about your issues. L1ke shit man you just plain nasty as hell and has been reported to Public health like how man times already. When are you going to learn to leave these little girls alone for real. From what I know you using this poor girl and she don’t even know it. Maybe you should tell her who bought you the new chain you have around your neck…… Just saying……. Does she know that you keep trying to pick up your next victim oh wait you already have but then again you aint going to tell her that. Just saying that I am positive that you can not try this on a real woman your own age. I am so thankful that I did not get hook and fooled by you and all your bullsh1t you once tried to hook me with.


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  1. ghandaNovember 14, 2018 at 5:24 AM

    After reading the post, I’m not sure how much of it is believable.

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