Watch Out For Pickerings Resident Hoe Bag – Jennifer Dobbie

Watch Out For Pickerings Resident Hoe Bag – Jennifer Dobbie

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This nasty chicks name is jennifer halket/mcconnell/miller/ currently dobbie.  married her best friends dad a few years back after their mom died. Alienated him fom his kids and friends till he had no one left. Last year he found out he had lung cancer and passed away and thankfully he was able to give his youngest daughter away for the wedding i dont know how he was allowed to talk to them but he was able to reach out in his final months to his daughters. But the whole time she was telling the girls that he wanted nothing to do with them all the while he was telling them he didnt want them to leave whenthey came for a visit. Two weeks before he died she made his daughters believe ge was already dead and started ignoring them. Then when he did pass away she called them and hour later yelling at them and calling them names. And refuses to give them their dads ashes. And gets so mad because her kids lost their father these girls apparently dont know what thats like. Then made an obituary excluding his kids but making it sound like they had kids together and they didn’t. All the while claiming he was the love of her life (this is her thing with every guy) He died june 28 last year and since then has had a new guy every month calling him “soul mate” She would do anything for alcohol and once drunk turns into a psycho sl*t Oh thought I’d mention she dated his nephew before him and had a kid so her kid called him great uncle dad….papa…. And tried to get with his brother just after his death. Its now 29 days before his one year death anniversary and shes already married again to someone shes only known a couple months.  She’s got 6 kids of her own and since they were small she would pawn them off of people for days at a time. now her two oldest girls are teenagers ones been living with her bf since she was 13 (good parenting) and the other is following right in mother dearests footsteps. Pickering people stay far away from this nasty she will rip your family apart for sport and tell you it was the guys idea.

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  1. BystanderAugust 30, 2018 at 11:51 AM

    Ahe recently got into a fist fight with her new husband whos the love of her life. In front of her kids!
    Her 16 year old daughter is pregnant and is trying to take the baby once its born! Parent of the year!

    • Lmfao at UJune 17, 2019 at 5:25 PM

      n her kids dad NOT DEAD !!!!