Katie Gibbs – Oshawas Biggest Floozy and Pill Junkie

Katie Gibbs – Oshawas Biggest Floozy and Pill Junkie

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This is Katie’s second post as the first just did not do her justice whatsoever. She is Oshawa born, bred, raised, and is as dirty as they come! Suicidal and emotionally manipulative she threatens to hurt herself to get her own way. Also A huge pill junkie who does so many drugs up her nose, so much so she needs reconstructive surgery on her nose (just take a look u can tell it’s totally f*cked) she crushes n snorts on average an 80 oxy a day sometimes more gets blackout drunk like it’s her job, not able to go a day without a drinking (including her jobs which she’s been fired for drinking on job) and does blow whenever someone offers, even while she’s working she’ll do lines with random customers if they ask, just quick trip to the bathroom. JUNKIE F*CKING HOE. She also sleeps with her dealer WHICH IS HER FRIENDS BF ( who she also sells for to help her habit) zach for drugs and he smokes crack n meth on top of pills and other things!!! She loves to drink and f*ck around with co workers, customers as well as her friends boyfriends and the worst part about it she doesn’t tell people she has DRDs till months later ..if ur lucky. She sleeps with her married boss Ryan at her basement Reno job AGM basements who she use to car pool with alllll the time (Hopfully he sees this n doesn’t get herpes if he hasn’t lol) Good way to move up at work kt that’s how u keep getting offered promotions and a new company car in just a month n half lmao but the big secret he doesn’t want his wife to find out about… the abortion and how he paid kt to get rid of it!! Fuked up right. She is the definition of Oshawa junkie HOOD RAT by far worst of the worst. When she was 20 she went to Montreal to party and ended up staying homeless on the street with her friend not wanting to leave, couch surfing radoms, floozing and shooting up heroin in her hands. That’s why she has so many problems and complains about her hands so much. This nasty nasty hoe also works at shoeless in north Oshawa and group homes and high school for Frontenac as well. She’s shown the kids her modelling photos which are not appropriate especially for kids u work with in that setting and talks about all their business outside of work like how the one girl runs away and f*cks randoms all the time or can’t b left alone with the other girl. Breach of confidentiality contract if u ask me!!!! Poor kids! Is this the type of person u want watching troubled youth, comming to ur home for basement appointments or serving you your food??? She also steals at shoeless adding auto gratuity to bills and not saying so to the customer getting tipped twice and getting things comped when there’s nothing wrong and pocketing the extra money. she already just got fired from a bar dt at the general for f*cking customers, doing blow with them in bathroom, stealing and drinking on the job. When not at work she works floozing in Toronto with her friend Kaitlin on boats in big condos or clubs. Mark being her boss and Wayne being her best customer paying her 5 hundred to drive out and go to “dinner” lol . Don’t believe me proof will b online soon enough to confirm everything. When not doing that she spends her free time at the dirty dt bars of Oshawa like the atria, moustache club, stags head, crooked uncle and her favourite crazy jacks every Friday. She gets blackout drunk and jus wants to f*ck around. jus takes a couple shots and is super easy to take home if u want and she absolutely loves it in the a55 more than her loose infected C*nt, butttt she is infected so get checked after! She also f*cks her roomate Antonelle when they lonely and drunk. Her roomate Antonelle a known swinger throws sex parties and has orgies with Katie and they go to sex club in Toronto to flooze. Antonelle a sex addict has new guys over at her house every other day not caring about her child meeting a new face every other day. Pleasure chest out in open of her pig sty house and using her gardening business (which kt helped start) called Grass and Garden Girls and their slogan is “bet now job in town” ) as a front for her side business and to sleep with married men! Most recently she totalled her car and got a careless for driving drunk and running red lmao tried saying it was others fault but lady had a dash cam lmfao dumbass. The world would b better off without this junkie in it!



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  1. ThehammerJune 9, 2018 at 8:45 AM

    Hey just wondering if anyone has and postings about her ? How much does she charge?

  2. MMay 26, 2018 at 8:42 AM

    lol abortions are free in canada… why would he pay for one??

  3. SuperhornynowMay 26, 2018 at 4:24 AM

    Is she advertised somewere? I might do a c*m dump