Lier High Class call Girl

Lier High Class call Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cheyenne Fitsimons lies landed my cousin behind bars. She claimed he beats her, after he caught her stealing his money, and selling her body for money, he was so hurt he lost it. Then she told Andrew- her 60 year old lover- that he forces himself on her. She dated him for 2 years while playing other men multiples. Shes telling people her Grandma is rich. She’s a sad welfare case. He copied her welfare stubs for evidence. She loves to deny her sad life. She’s now scamming this pimp with a baby boy she dont even know the father, Maury 2017. I told her to leave my Cousin alone. Stop calling his phone, he even moved far away shes still calling none stop. …..Nik, she claims to know you personally.

How would I know someone in Toronto? She is lying… add her to the list.- nik

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  1. A friendDecember 5, 2017 at 7:23 PM

    This dude is a joke. His cousin is in the pen how could she be calling him? Get a life and move on!

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