Nenad Korof confused Pipping with Pimping

Nenad Korof confused Pipping with Pimping

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nenad “Neno” Korof is a big scammer from Toronto who runs the MLM pyramid scheme called Copy Profit Share (posted on this website before). He claims to be a trader but he makes his money through affiliate programs that broker offer and sign up fees for his own service while marketing his lavish lifestyle of rented penthouses, rented cars, and empty champagne bottles which he saves in his bedroom.

Now, in trading, one unit for an increase or decrease of price is known as a “pip” but it seems like Neno has been confusing that with “pimp,” as he is charged and found guilty of convincing a girl to start a career as a stripper and later even as a prostitute while giving Nenad all of her money to trade with so she could – as he promised her – retire in a year or 3. After 3 years of working as a prostitute and giving all of her money to Nenad, after she asked for the money, Nenad said there was nothing left, he just spent all the money on himself. All of this could be read in the official court record here.

Why are women so dumb? Who gives their profits to another man for sleeping with another man. That’s the dumbest sh*t ever.- nik

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