Nigel Caliph — A55hole Rapist.

Nigel Caliph — A55hole Rapist.

THE DIRTY ARMY: His ex left him because he is a crazy piece of sh1t so he raped her then did everything in his power to ruin her life and her kid’s life. He is a real piece of sh1t. Who ruins an innocent child’s life? What the fuk is wrong with you? He is a loser and an abusive a55hole, beware ladies.

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  1. NigelSeptember 12, 2018 at 2:56 AM

    This is ridiculous. Let me also link another article.
    So unfortunately my ex girlfriend, Krystle is psycho. She is currently pregnant but from which one of us, only god knows. Jamal and I are both ex’s of hers of which she cheated on both of us. She can not be trusted, she is dangerous to the point she believes her own lies and is blinded from her own actions. She claims to both of us individually that we’re the father. As we both know the truth and have previously tried to come to reason with her, she uses her unborn baby as excuses of her out of this world reasoning. She continues to cry wolf to whomever would give her a chance to hear her.
    I will definitely be contacting higher authority to take these post down.

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