Sahar Bobash Is A GOLD DIGGER

Sahar Bobash Is A GOLD DIGGER

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik, I don’t know what should i say, I was searching the web for a mortgage agent and all of the sudden Her Ugly fake face came on my screen, But thank you for your absolutely lovely review platform. as i saw there is so many reviews against her, i decided to share my review with you. and ask you to notify everyone of what kind of slore is she. !! Yes, she is Fraud. dont take it in a way that some people are jealous of her or whatever as she have nothing that others to be jealous about. she is such a Old freaking woman who are engage in so many bribes and illegal works. i have no clue why the Criminal system and Fraud control unit are not doing anything with her. Somebody claimed in one of the reviews she got fired by Scotia bank because of mortgage Fraud. and this is right as at the time when she got fired i was at the bank and i saw the scene, they didn’t even let her to breath. security came and kicked her out from the branch with no excuse. want to know why ? Because she did so many illegal stuff at her country IRAN, she was engaged with so many gangs who are involved in forging documents and selling peoples assets with no consent.


I am a developer and at the time i saw her i was in a need of loan to start my construction projects in Toronto, i remember at the very first i saw her due to a loan request, she behaved that much friendly that i thought i know her from somewhere !! and the reason was not only to sell me the mortgage, she asked me to pay her $10,000 cash to do my paperwork and make me fraudulent income. to be eligible for the mortgage. i told her i am not the type to do illegal works !!! she laughed and said nothing is illegal but eventually it was. as soon as she got my banking information. and since she saw my account balance. she felt that she could get close to me. and take back her offer for paper works. she was calling me 5 times a day in different times (mornings and nights), and asked me to meet her for coffee or drink , i didnt get the point what is the reason, i saw her for a coffee as she told me she wanna talk about the business and as soon as we met she start getting closer and at this point i told her i am married and i cant go with her,,, she told me its fine and its not necessary my wife to know this situation !!! i got so uncomfortable to the point i left with no excuse. Are you serious ?? what kind of slore are you ? you stupid think i am dumb to fall in your trap ? I had a little bit search on her, and i saw so many things is ongoing with her. specially she is targeting married and rich guys. I need to tell everyone, ” STAY AWAY FROM THIS GOLD DIGGER SLORE, BE ALERT AND TUNE, AS SHE IS MAKING TRAP to catch rich people.” All she is doing is to enter to your life some how, get business, ruining your accountability and making a trap for you to fall into. using it against you and get financial benefit. SHE IS A REAL FUKING GOLD DIGGER – Pease share your experience with her to alert everyone.

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  1. Sahar is a fraudMarch 23, 2019 at 11:50 AM

    Tell everyone in your community, my guess is she is Afghan yes? and start having more victims come out and make them post as well. Get the police involved

    She spends money to have these posts off of Google, best to keep posting

  2. SAEIDMarch 3, 2019 at 9:57 PM

    Nothing that you said in your comment is false, this is my sister and yes she is a SCAM, the entire family has been in on this scam for years, my sister steals money and my mom hires contractors to build homes in Richmond Hill, they dont pay people and get rich of others.
    If anyone wants anything to be done you need to file a complaint with FSCO so her lisence gets revoked
    My wife was in on this scam too, Helia Javady, I’m only staying in this marriage for my two sorry to all of you who have been taken advantage of
    But someone can stop this by filing a complaint

  3. On Another LevelJuly 30, 2018 at 7:00 PM

    Geezus!! That was painful to read! OP did you draft that up using google translate? Kids, take heed, this is the exact reason why school & reading is important.


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