Shane Peart — Beware Toronto’s Womanizer

Shane Peart — Beware Toronto’s Womanizer

THE DIRTY ARMY:Nik… This is Shane Peart aka S.P Originally from Malton Ontario but most known for drug dealing over by Parklawn and Lakeshore.
Word is, this S.P Character is the biggest Womanizer out there. He will sweep you off your feet and tell you everything you wanna hear, however you’re probably not the only one he’s doing it to. He jumps from woman to woman to Benefit him. Has about 5 women at time, if not more, and condoms are not his thing (get checked) he’s a DRD. He a hand full of kids (from what we know of) which he takes care of NONE with god know how many women because he’s never just with one. He is best known for his lies. Uses you for a place to stay and sees females as An ATM machine. He has no preference in woman. Whatever comes his way he’ll take (Bucket and all). 25 with no home, works nowhere and doesn’t even know His own T-shirt size. Biggest loser out in Toronto by far, yet for some reason he still finds a way to play his cards right(or y’all females are just retarded). But the time has come ladies. The word is out. Keep your eye out for the predator. If you see him run as fast as you can.

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  1. Yo MamaNovember 14, 2018 at 9:39 PM

    of course, if you are the white trash Hillary type, then this dude is right up your alley. Seriously, what kind of girls are falling for a broke a55 drug dealer?

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