Stay Away From Akhil Khurana of Toronto

Stay Away From Akhil Khurana of Toronto

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I was in a relationship with this guy for a year… and boy, was that hell. He seems really nice when you meet him: he’s a 22 year old engineering student at the Lassonde school of engineering at York University in Toronto and he has an $11,000 per year scholarship. He also claims that his parents have $10 million dollars back in India. He puts on a nice front, but it’s all a lie.

I first started getting red flags when I started meeting his friends from his hometown Brampton. Apparently, when he was 16, he lied to everyone by saying that his parent won a $1 million dollar lottery (they didn’t, if you are curious). A lot of people stopped talking to him as a result, so he moved to the village at York University bc everyone from Heartlake really know what a piece of sh*t he is.

Second, his $11,000 scholarship is because he has been sucking off this gay dude’s Greg at his university. The guy’s name is Eddy Evans, he went to Oxford, and he helped build the school from the ground up. Whatever, so he’s bisexual… the point is that he lies about it and does it even when he has a girlfriend.

Continue Reading- This is better than the movie LION.- nik

From his house in the village, he is also an insane drug dealer (which is probably why he has the balls to do all of this crazy sh*t). He sells marijuana, oxy, and vyvanse pills (which Mr Eddy Evans regularly buys from him, probably his best customer). His friend Adam in the same house also sells Pepsi… they’re pretty dangerous.

Thirdly, he has a girlfriend, but he is constantly been sleeping around with students at York and U of T. He is really into nudes and just constantly leaks them. This 25 year old girl named Jacquie he totally disgraced and destroyed any future career. He also had a girlfriend named Sara that he destroyed, and one named Nessa that he leaked nudes of, sent out their sex tape, posted her nudes on various porn sites, and sent out a tape with her face of her sucking his Greg to about 25 people, which later ended up online. Classic Akhil. When she moved on to another boyfriend, he chased her down and she now has a restraining order against him. He also harassed her family, and even though they disapproved of him and knew that he was cheating on her, he lied and insisted that he didnt.

I have become good friends with this girl Nessa because we have both gone to the police with help because he will not stop continuously stalking our phones and houses. It’s ridiculous… the guy is constantly cheating on you and leaks photos of you, but still wants to be forgiven. Nik, it’s not fair. With me, photos have been leaked and I have also gone to the doctor with DRD. The man is infected, but he still continues to deny that he has it and has not been treated (to the extent of my knowledge).

DO NOT SLEEP WITH HIM- HE IS INFECTED! DO NOT START A RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS MAN- HE WILL ONLY LIE TO YOU AND BETRAY YOU! And he honestly cant help it. This man also has NO MONEY. Whatever lie he tells you to get you to believe that he does is false. He is a drug dealer, so that is how he makes his small amounts of cash. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!! THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!

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  1. zeeeSeptember 20, 2017 at 8:11 AM

    You can’t get a restraining order in Ontario unless you were married, lived together or your former partner is putting your kids in danger lol

  2. Master BaiterSeptember 14, 2017 at 2:22 PM

    And you spent a year with this asshole. You must be some piece of work. What happen, he cut you off the pepsi?

  3. she was hotSeptember 10, 2017 at 10:56 PM

    Lies lol