Stay Away From Nitin Joshi of Toronto

Stay Away From Nitin Joshi of Toronto

HTE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy Nitin Joshi is a 33 yr old low life loser who has criminal charges showing how much of a junkie life he lives. He will go after women who are single with kids. He has serious mental issues and needs to be locked up. He has a rap sheet of causing problems to roommates everywhere he lives. The guy smokes out of a meth crack pipe like a champ! This sick twisted loser needs a good punch in the mouth for the sh*t he talks about! If you see this guy, spit in his face, and ladies, well let’s be honest- you arent going to sleep with a guy who make 100 a week and luves off mommy and daddy! Lol the guy is truly one big pathetic loser!

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  1. KaliApril 22, 2018 at 8:54 PM

    I met this dude. Seems pretty normal. It almost seems like the person who wrote this profile is out to make him look bad. Out of vengeance perhaps. The person who wrote this seems like they’re projecting a little. I mean, they seem like they know too much about him. Suspect. Can’t be that bad if he smokes crack like a champ, at least he’s a champ at something, unlike most of us who will never be a champ at anything.