Stay Away From Reid Tobiason, Brock U’s Resident F-Boy

Stay Away From Reid Tobiason, Brock U’s Resident F-Boy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I tried to submit this son of a b*tch before but sadly, you didn’t post him. However, as a witness. Everything that’s said about this POS is the truth. On the outside, Reid Tobiason looks like a well rounded, put together individual who has it all. On the inside, he’s a scum sucking leech who lies through his teeth and uses people for his own personal gain. I’ve known this guy for a while and let me tell you, every girl that has gone near him had an awful experience.

My friend ended up getting the worst of it for being a loyal, faithful and kind person. I’m going to tell you her story and what I know about this bastard. I hope all the ladies are ready. This f-boy has virtually no respect for his mother and has gone as far as stealing jewellry from her and accusing my friend of doing it. SHE WAS AT WORK. If she was so guilty of stealing, she would’ve turned herself in to the cops. I know her well. I’ve been friends with her for years.

Posted. Now go charge your phone and yes, the story gets better… click on my friends.- nik

Also, I know for a fact that he is a rapist. He sexually assaulted my friend when they were “together” at the time and stole money out of her wallet. The only reason she found out was because one of his housemates told her. So did her financial institution when they found out money was stolen out of her account as well. Don’t worry, she got it all back and dealt with it the right way. I was with my friend when she told her doctor that he raped her and got a speculum exam done. I have never seen someone so upset and mortified. He even raped a girl who is ethnically similar to my friend after he brutally dumped her on Thanksgiving without even telling her why. The funny thing is, he was making fun of her weight behind her back but his fatass reminds me of f**kin’ Santa Claus. Don’t even get me started on how this man uses Tinder and Bumble for his next victims.

After he dumped my friend, he constantly prank called her and sent her death threats. He leaked around her naked pictures and she went over the edge and attempted suicide because of it. He called her up after he found about trying to be apologetic and begging her mom to talk to her. The mom refused and said that my friend is better off without him. He then stole her mother’s identity and racked up debt under her name. Also, he gets his racism from his mother aside from all his other negative traits. He also drinks like a fish and expects women to not smoke/drink. He had to balls to lie about memory loss.

Stay away from him. His own father even is disappointed in him. Other girls have even said he has DRD and were infected by him after him and my friend “broke up.” She dodged quite a few bullets but she didn’t deserve how she was treated. I hope karma gets this guy.

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  1. K.August 30, 2017 at 6:53 PM

    Let me add in how this guy lies about being a virgin to get sex.
    He’s apparently trying to be a cop. How the hell can you be a cop when you have the RCMP after you? It’s impossible to become a cop with sexual offences on record. Everything my friend said about him is true. She’ll be calling the dirty tip line soon to tell Nik even more of the truth. Don’t worry, he’s dug his own grave.