Taylor Thotvello Is Back At It Again

Taylor Thotvello Is Back At It Again

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirty Army, Taylor Thotvello is back at it again. She’s managed to get worse and a whole lot uglier the last few years. She hides all the drug/smoking induced wrinkles with filters and face cream. She’s an escort and I managed to find her backpage and a former friend who now works as a security guard has it screenshotted. The only reason she stopped selling her fish smelling crater pu55y is because her dumba55 managed to get knocked up by one of her clients.

She’s about to pop any day now. That’s what happens when you have unprotected sex. Also, her tits got saggy af and honestly she looks dirty as hell. She left Malton and now lives in downtown Toronto because she burned all of her bridges. She’s honestly a waste of skin. She had the audacity to write a malicious article about a girl she’s no longer friends with because her (the girl’s) stepdad kicked Taylor out of the house. It could ruin my friends reputation and I’m helping her explore legal remedies for it. I asked her about the situation and she says that Taylor spread lies about her as an act of revenge because her parents figured out Taylor was lying about her family life. My good friend is not the person that Taylor paints her out to be. Stop lying b1tch! Just to let you know, you’ve ruined your own life with your lies and shadiness. I’m glad I can come out with your true colours for you. Have fun being a worthless high school dropout who has to sell her pu55y for the rest of her life. I hope you have a good welfare check to cover you the minute you become used up. I feel sorry for your kid! Have fun with your sad pathetic life.



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