This Candace girl claims to be Christian

This Candace girl claims to be Christian

THE DIRTY ARMY:   Met this chick on POF. She was super cool. Took me for a ride. Guys beware. She sucks you in. Runs you down. Gives up p*ssy on first date which is cool and all. But when you go to the bathroom. Dont leave your wallet alone. She has knocked of people like that. be a christian girl. Nope. Says shes employed. Nope. To boot guys. If she invites you over make sure u watch her main man leave. You will know. They walk out of the apartment together all the damn time

— OP sounds like wife material.

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  1. MissdetectiveMay 25, 2018 at 11:33 AM

    Ive read over 250 posts of people who dont actually exist and are just trying to bash peoples reputation which is so pathetic go get a life people!