Home wrecker Renzo Raineri at it again….

Home wrecker Renzo Raineri at it again….

THE DIRTY ARMY:  I work with this guy Renzo Rainer. I’ve never seen such a worthless man slore in my life. He talks to a different girl every day. One of then message him about how abuse she felt physically and mentally. He is 47 going on 16. He dates women from all over the state of NJ. He currently lives in barnaget a couple blocks from Doyle’s pub. Where he is no longer welcomed because of all the women he brought there. His ex wife caught him a ton of times in the parking lot hooking up with these women. He tells them all that he is divorced and that his ex was sleeping around. Which was not the case at all. This jerk off wasnt even there when his 4 kid was born. He was out with some girl he meet at the bar. His responds was I have already seen 3 kids born. No need to watch it a 4th time. Ladies stay far far away from this guy. No telling how many drds he has. Or how many kids he has that he doesn’t know about.


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  1. LadyLongFingersNovember 27, 2018 at 12:41 PM

    I know this dead beat. He took me out on his jetski. He was drunk as a skunk almost crashed into a couple different boats. Then I caught him texting other girls while he was with me. He then got the jetski stuck and broke the key off. As he was getting of he kicked me in the mouth and my lips got black and blue. He wanted to suck on them like that would help them. I was grossed out. He left me with the jetski for like 3 hrs all alone. Comes back and is even more drunk. That he had a couple drinks with his buddies. Long story short stay away ladies. This guy is trouble!!!! I think I still see him parked on the corner of my street sometimes. Weird-O