Ahmed Issa — Sick Twisted Pervert

Ahmed Issa — Sick Twisted Pervert

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guys name is Ahmed issa from Africa everyone knows him as jomba he acts like a normal kind person but questionable pictures were found in his phone to think he has pedophile tendencies ladies if u know him keep him away from your children also he pretends to be straight laced hard worker to his love interest and her family but all the prostitutes know him from every city in lower mainland he hunts vulnerable women from homeless shelters abandoned houses numerous parks behind gas stations and around hotels to exchange his Monet or I heard even food for sexual favors and down town East side bars is where him and his other African friends lurch in the shadows while he buys young native women drink after drink and at closing time they will leave with her to a house where they supply her with more drugs and alcohol and eventually they each will have thier way with her I kid you not. Right now he is at his drugged out friends who’s girlfriend is a blonde skinny crackhead and junkie and at this very moment are having a threesome he can also be found where ever poor vulnerable young ladies hang out that don’t have a home poor girls that would do anything for money and this is exactly where he caught his DRD if u have a relative or he’s trying to date u please stay far away he appears always drunk it gives him courage to talk he seems like a real nice funny kind gentleman on the outside but he’s evil and twisted and perverted inside please take heed


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  1. Punctuation NaziOctober 15, 2018 at 12:37 PM

    No one wants to read your silly run on sentence. Do you even know what a period or comma is?