Akash Nanda — Creepy Bell Moblity Brown Guy

Akash Nanda — Creepy Bell Moblity Brown Guy

THE DIRTY ARMY: this creepy Hindu tried to flirt and get me to go on a date and bothered me for a days and I turned his a55 down!! Later I saw him at his second job in Courtenay at the “avalanche bar & grill” , and he was the “security guard there ” I was stone cold sober yet this POS kicked me out because I wouldn’t sleep with him say I was drunk and couldn’t walk , YES he knows who I am ,yet the white doorman let me in . He also thinks he is some big shot in the mall selling cell phones at BELL with his brown followers , this guy is a NO body in town he thinks he is some UFC fighter but the only people that like him are his brown friends .People are nice to him so they can get into the bar or get cheap phones the women in this town think he is a greasy predator that takes advantage of women and harms them . Girls intown watch out he is in his 30’s yet preys on 18/19 girls for easy sex because he knows women his age wont touch his curry d*ck


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  1. ButtmanNovember 5, 2018 at 5:33 PM

    Ship him back to India !!!

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