THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s the truth about ASHLEY CANOTAL for those who don’t know. She’s the biggest home wrecking floozy in Vancouver BC. She’s 25 with 3 kids by 3 different men. Works at ABOUTFACE VANCOUVER Has mental health issues and is a giant pill popper. But let me tell you how her floozy little life started.

She was only 16 when she got pregnant with her first child and trapped a guy with a one night stand, called him a few months later saying he’s the father so he would stay with her. (Btw, she told him she was on birth control). So clearly he had zero feelings for her so they only share custody of daughter #1. Years later as a single mom, she met a married man, spread her legs, and forced him to choose her so she trapped him with kid #2- also told him she was on birth control.

He ended up leaving his wife because he tried to do the right thing and try to be a family. Then believe it or not, this nasty floozy found another married man, had another one night stand, cheated on her husband because that’s what floozies do, and she got pregnant, and tried to trap that other man “claiming” he was the father with baby #3 and also telling him she was ON THE PILL. Seriously, how GROSS is that? But any how, she really doesn’t know who the father is and the married man did not want her nor raise a child that is not his. She raped him when he was high and drunk out of his mind, took advantage of him when he was at a vulnerable state. She threatened him constantly and stalked him to leave his wife and family. Which he never did and now this home wrecker is raising 3 kids on her own.

Her husband found out only because she had an DRD, divorced her, because at the end of the day, she never loved him, she loved the other man who dodged a bullet. The truth is out there and this floozy should be acknowledged for her SINS. She deserves a lifetime of pain for all of her manipulating ways. She destroys happy homes because she’s so miserable and jealous she wanted someone else’s happiness.

Remember floozy, he didn’t want you then, and he still don’t want you now. No man wants a floozy you can’t turn into a housewife. Keep searching for daddy #4. Any man would be stupid enough to be with a floozy like you. At least now every man in this city knows your a walking floozy, and HUGE home wrecking floozy. I mean, the 3 kids by 3 different men speak for itself, right? Stop playing the victim cause know that victims have a title of being innocent and we all know that your not when YOU ARE the cause of broken families. You are a huge dumb pill popping psychopath. Nothing wrong with speaking the truth and telling the world what you did. Just helping another man so he is aware of you nasty ways and a woman you might end up sleeping with her husband. Stay away from this hot mess. She will ruin your life.