Barry Daniels — Douchebag Of Domestic Violence

Barry Daniels — Douchebag Of Domestic Violence

THE DIRTY ARMY: My very recent ex boyfriend decided to make up another BS LIE about the way he felt about me and what he was willing to do to save the relationship that he FUKED UP !!!! What he told me he was doing for “us” turned out to be him fuking some stupid b1tch behind my back. Barry and I had only been together for just over a month when the abuse started. When we first started to get to know each other I did not want to be in a relationship with him mainly because of the age difference between us. I refused to give in there was no way I wanted to be with him but he would not take no for an answer he was persistent and as I got to know him better I thought that he was the most amazing guy I had ever met I could not help but to fall in love with him. Until the abuse started it was nothing too serious but as time went on it went from that to the extreme end of physical/mental abuse. I have never been in a relationship with a guy as cruel as Barry has been to me he calls me names like a pedophile which is the worst thing that he could ever call me….it makes me feel sick to my stomach to think that the guy that claims to love me the way he does would think of me.

Its the most hurtful thing anyone has ever called me and Barry has called me a pedophile not only in private but in public (library/local food bank etc.) it pisses me off when he calls me that and your damn straight I fuking lose it on him but most times when I scream at him for calling me that because I am beyond pissed off he punches me as hard as he would punch another guy not his girl. I am maybe 5’4 and 110/115 lbs Barry is 5’11 I 150 lbs but he is a trained fighter. I have been dragged across the pavement and my elbow was gashed open over a fight that was not that serious but he has no control over his temper when I look into his eye when he gets like that the only thing I see is rage. I have not done anything to deserve the abuse that I have suffered not only does Barry abuse me when we have fought there are times that he has spent the night with some of the dirtiest girls in Duncan its fuking disgusting and he says things to me like “I am going to bang her pu55y” this guy is the most disrespectful douche to women that I ever met in my life. Barry is a compulsive liar he calls me names other then a pedophile he tells me I am old worn out….nasty….a skid it does not stop there I have endured endless hours of Barry relentlessly calling me every name he can think of and I do not even know how he comes up with some of them but he calls me names that I did not know existed and they are brutal….because of him I am broken. Barry apologizes to me but his apologies mean fuk all to me its just empty words….he tells me that I am the best girl he has ever had he tells me he loves me he always will but everything in our relationship has been nothing but lies. I was nothing less then fuking amazing to this guy and he knows it but he lies cheats and abuses me then he ignores me he has the biggest ego and when we fight even if he starts it and he usually does he is fuking impossible to deal with he is fuking arrogant….smug and he thinks way more of himself then he should. I learned not to say fuk all to him because he thinks his sh1t doesn’t stink the more I say the more it inflates his ego. I used to call him My Superman but that guy doesn’t exist anymore he is not the guy I fell in love with and he never will be. He has proven that to me. Barry has mental health issues and he has done everything I said he has to me and what I get from him for every chance he was given and fuked it up for every time I forgave him is nothing but a FUK YOU BECAUSE IT IS ALL ABOUT HIM !!!! Barry doesn’t give a fuk about the way I feel and attempting to talk to him is like talking to a wall nothing registers in his head and he cannot see himself for who he really is. He is right and I am wrong and its useless to try and get him to see things any way but his. He tells me that he doesn’t deserve me he asks me why I stay with him and I don’t fuking know and i didn’t think I would ever I regret being with him I was better off alone. I would have if I did not let him convince me to give him a chance and he doesn’t but when things get bad between us he when I am the best fuking part of our relationship and he knows that I am the best fuking girl he had is the straight up truth but he ruined everything we had and he knows it fuk you because I still love you but its over. I am heartbroken but I will get the fuk over you I will not kiss your ass if you really love me the way you tell me you do then you would have removed your head from your ass an proved that to me….if you wanted me to be your last then why the fuk didn’t you step the fuk up be a man and be the guy I deserved we are over and you do not seem to give a fuk but you should….because no one can replace the best thing you had you still stood a fuking chance and you gave that up for the stupid b1tch your with hope she was worth losing me over and I know she isn’t !!!! No b1tch will take my fucking place with you not in your heart and no one will rock your world like I did ;)

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  1. SinghJuly 19, 2018 at 11:24 PM

    Barry a good dude

  2. Superman but hers not yours ;)July 18, 2018 at 9:26 PM

    Oh p.s. please stop texting me you will never have me again. Oh and if any of you were important to me maybe this would bother me. HA thanks for making me look good with my fav pic. Enjoy the hep c and that skin disease your new man has from Nellie. I forget how to spell it..but you’re used to immature guys like your fine piece of ass daughter’s underage boyfriend at the time. Dumped this pedo before she downgraded while I upgraded this time. ;) I admit THIS time. Way hotter..pce my dtown skids. Step up or shut up

  3. Superman but hers not yours ;)July 18, 2018 at 9:20 PM

    I’m flattered babe you put me here because everything you said is almost matching what you say in your texts EXACTLY matching the words here. I’m not mad or embarrassed for this at all anyone can face me and hear it from the horse’s mouth but won’t. Can’t or ever will step up. You put a hit on me and I’m kinda exited. The last guy got his skull cracked and couldn’t face me after with that boulder dash session or not. You constantly text me wanting me and not wanting me non stop like you change your hot panties oops you don’t wear any just that one pair that your broken ass stained brown AKA irritable bowl syndrome right Gina?? I’d rather be infamous than famous in this dtown skidville. Got a girl with a job who appreatites me for me and she’s surpassed your beauty babe. I’ve been over you for a long time and been happy. Even after seeing this WOO!! this was entertaining and this won’t make me crack. Keeping shooting. Wait I got a joke…if Ric Flair chops a tree in the woods and nobody is around to hear it does the wind still woo?? ;) – KaijuboY