Brandon Zim of Vancouver

Brandon Zim of Vancouver

Oh where do I start… If you had which by now would have been life altering or at the very least regrettable, wishing you could forget experience with Brandon Zim, I feel for ya…kinda. I’m 99% sure each and every person affected knew what they were getting themselves into. This guy is un-f**king-believable, will rip you off for pretty much anything….generally cycles through people quickly as his sh*t piles up fast…loves playing the victim card to cuddle up to his payday…..abusive relationship, cancer, other life threating illness or altering issues….none of which are true. In fact, the only abuse would be from him on your life as you knew it….. stealing your personal information along the way to stick you with payday loans, electronics, phone contracts, credit cards he so graciously applied for in your name and maxed out.

He tries to stick around long enough to have daily access to your mail. Students, elderly, family, kids if your score is over 675 or you have a collection of change for kids activities sitting on your business counter, you’re at risk. When he is not living off others, you can find him turning tricks using someone else’s needle at your local bathhouse, outhouse, never his house. I think it’s obvious why. Anything for his next fix…. This isn’t one of those oh “he’s sick, he needs help” cases…no doubt he does, but this vile waste of life deserves every clinging to survive situation he finds himself in. He will never have the capacity to differentiate right from wrong or even the will … False icbc claim over 100k ..if you’re the doctor who was f**king him and falsified documents, you are probably shi**ing bricks right now. Fraudulent loans, phones, credit cards- min 200k. Cars! Yes, even yours was probably stolen by him, later returned with how it was your fault or your no didn’t seem like you meant no. Your family, friends will lose trust in you or won’t talk to you..they will eventually be frauded, blackmailed, no doubtedly missing mail.

For those of you who have been subjected to his treatment multiple times in fear of whatever he will do- grow up, respect yourself, stop hiring junkie P4P’s, and I’m sure you will make it out on the other side just fine.

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  1. BetterthanthatOctober 22, 2017 at 4:36 PM

    Hardly he ripped my friend off few weeks ago simply bringing awareness. Id bang livestock before this guy.

  2. GaryOctober 19, 2017 at 7:33 PM

    He must of turned you down.