Breanna Loree — Child Abuse Goes Unnoticed These Days

Breanna Loree — Child Abuse Goes Unnoticed These Days

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Breanna Loree. She’s been posted 3x over the last 3 years for being a scandalous tramp – from ripping families apart and playing the victim to trapping men with babies they didn’t want by lying about birth control. A little back story- her first child was conceived by of course, lying about being on birth control pills 3 months into her relationship. Recovery is a wonderful thing as she had to admit what shed done and apologize. The first child was removed from her care for neglect, exposure to drugs and emotional abuse. Her own parents helped the father ‘kidnap’ the child from her care and filed against her in court in which he won sole custody. Breanna wasn’t even allowed to have the child in her care unsupervised. Fastfoward 3 years and once again, she had an affair with an engaged man & lied about being on birth control. During her second pregnancy she smoked meth, putting the fetus is grave danger.

When the child was born, the ministry came to the hospital and refused her to take the child home. The child was returned to her care 6 months later but it’s fair to wonder how deep into the situation they dug before returning the child, because the same kind of abuse is happening. At a staggering 65 pounds of sagging skin and bones, you can’t tell me she’s not back on drugs. Her partner left her high and dry last year because she’s quite literally insane. There is a reason every man runs the 1st chance he gets and all of her friends place ministry calls. I was friends with her myself until I realized just what type of mother she is. In the public eye she puts on quite the show, but behind closed doors she’s a tyrant, screaming at a 1 and 4 year old to “shut the f$#k up” at the top of her lungs, not bothering to buckle her children’s seat belts properly (and proceeds to post such photos on facebook) and dragging them through shelters filled with drug addicts even though she receives thousands of dollars a month from the government. Nik, please let the word get out, so this woman can once again have her children removed and placed into safe care. It’s disgusting the things mother’s get away with doing to their children. The more silent we stay, the more abused and traumatized these kids become. There is ZERO excuses for child abuse.

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