Brian Wong Fentanyl drug dealing G holer

Brian Wong Fentanyl drug dealing G holer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Now if this isn’t East Vans finest I don’t know what is. This is Brian Wong. He works at Spartacus Gym in East Vancouver teaching bodybuilding and posing. He is a cross dresser that wears blue contacts and he’s again. Paints his nails and does sh1tloads of meth! This guy will do Special K, crack, pepsi, fentanyl, oxy’s, heroin, you name it. He has unprotected sex with transient trannies and he knowingly sells fentanyl in his drugs in order to cut them down and make a profit even when his customers had fentanyl overdoses and die he laughs it off saying “lol! Another one bites the dust. One junkie down a hundred more will follow” and he doesn’t even care! He will even give it to his friends and purposely hook his friends on drugs just in order to boost his business. This drds infested tranny fuking goof needs to stop. He drugs guys drinks and does his thing. He’s an evil parasite and shame on the Gym owner for allowing this.

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  1. MikeDecember 5, 2018 at 6:27 PM

    This guy sells drugs to serious addicts knowing it will kill them. He doesn’t even care if they are children. One day he’s going to sell to the wrong persons younger sibling and learn his lesson the hard way. GOOF!!! Skid ball!!!

  2. TrannyDecember 4, 2018 at 1:35 PM

    You can see his black painted thumbnail in the photo. This guy loves to date rape guys he picks up at celebrities