Cynthia Pace Phoney Gold Dogger

Cynthia Pace Phoney Gold Dogger

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Watch the comments role on this one Nick. This is Cynthia Pace self proclaimed etiquette teacher and socialite who is severely broke with bad credit. She acts like she’s rich but I know someone who works at TD Bank and this woman can’t even afford to pay her cheap rent in her cheap condo. You’d think at age 40, never being married or having kids that you’d have your life together to at least have small savings and a decent credit score. Cynthia likes to go on all types of sites looking for a sugar daddy while she hides under the guise of teaching etiquette when in fact she’s only taught it once and uses this rouse as a front. She will come up with every excuse as to why she can’t pay when she goes out but the real truth is because her bank cards get declined due to insufficient funds and she doesn’t own credit cards because she doesn’t have good enough credit to get one. Now let’s talk about her personality. Cynthia Pace has the most fake, superficial personality you’ll ever come across. She has a cold heart and she’s as phoney as a three dollar bill. She will stalk her ex’s and she has bad hygiene and another tell take to how broke she is you’d think she’d get some veneers instead of the disgusting teeth she has but we know she can’t afford to fix them. She LIES about her phoney fake so called degrees . Everything about her is a lie and there’s a reason no man will marry her is because she’s irresponsible financially and she’s a harsh nag. Men, run!!! The truth will come out on this fraud after a few dates. She’s desperate trying to get married but the wise ones who figure her out run far and fast.

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  1. I know herNovember 8, 2018 at 6:14 PM

    She looks like a tranny. She has the flattest cellulite a55 in town and she’ll play to every guy that she’s a lady who’s not been around town but she floozys on the DL. I’ve seen her pasty white cellulite a55 in person as I buried my Greg up it

  2. SuperheroswagNovember 5, 2018 at 6:48 PM

    It’s about time this psycho is up here. It’s all true! Run!!!

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