Diane Fairey — Wack Job “Teacher”

Diane Fairey — Wack Job “Teacher”

THE DIRTY ARMY: Will someone please tell me why this nut job is allowed to teach children??? I don’t know where to begin with this b1tch.. she grew up in a wealthy family who had property on UBC endowment lands. But the best she could do with her privileged life was become a “teacher” who in my opinion has psychologically abused children.. I wonder how many of her former students are in therapy after being bullied by her?? She used to walk around a class full of 6th graders in white leggings and a black thong, showing her fat cellulite a55,discussing her (failed) fertility treatments with 12 year olds.. and having severe caffeine withdrawl symptoms which included projectile vomiting and mental breakdowns resulting in sobbing..ON THE JOB. Kids don’t need to see this sh1t!! She once passed her pay cheque around the classroom complaining about how little money she made..then turned around and made fun of students in front of their peers because they didn’t understand a concept, by saying she couldn’t believe they didn’t understand and heaving dramatic exaggerated sighs. Nik, put this psychopathic old cow on blast! People have a right to know exactly what type of creature this old cunt really is!! PS it looks like the perfect veneers/dental work that daddy bought her years ago are looking a little beat!! How sad for her! They were her only redeeming feature.


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  1. she is trashAugust 31, 2018 at 3:47 AM

    Her behavior in my opinions amounts to child abuse. She should be ashamed of herself. Being a child abuser is one thing,but actually taking GOVERNMENT DOLLARS for her “teaching “services is criminal

  2. moonbeamAugust 2, 2018 at 12:10 PM

    I know this woman also……she was my daughter’s 6th grade teacher. She certainly IS a wack job…..she sent my daughter home to collect a book she’d forgotten to bring one morning. This was the morning a young girl was found murdered in Surrey & there was a manhunt at the time over the entire lower mainland for a ‘child killer’. This stupid woman sent my 12 year old daughter home for her forgotten book, no phone call to tell me she was on her way, no phone call to ask if I could bring the book to school. When my daughter arrived home I was beyond furious, as any responsible parent would be. I reported her to the Principal….what I wanted to do was march into her class room & grab her by her bleached blond hair, shove her against the wall and smash her face in! This woman should NOT be a teacher, she is incompetent…..thankfully (or maybe not) she moved on from teaching elementary school children to high school children….that being said, she attended the Merritt Mountain Festival one year, ran into some of her students and asked them where she could ‘buy some weed’…..This woman is an IDIOT!

    During parent teacher conferences, she tried to intimidate me. My child who was her student was very shy and didn’t like to partake in sports like Volley Ball….Diane Fairey thought this was ‘Unacceptable’ and made such a big deal out of it that I had to verbally ‘step on her toes’ and tell her that I was more interested in the subjects that truly counted such as Math, English, etc & that I had never, in my adult life, had to rely on my volley ball skills…..this infuriated Miss Fairey & after that meeting she made it her business to shame, pick on and verbally my daughter in class……In the end I reported her to the School Board, North Vancouver. I can also attest to what the poster has said as to Miss Fairey’s inappropriate attire in the workplace. She should have been told by the Principal that she was not dressed in an appropriate manner, especially when teaching young children…she would wear low cut blouses and thin white leggins with black thong underwear that showed through the thin material….it wasn’t an appropriate wardrobe choice for teaching elementary school…….All in all, I have to agree with the above poster…..there is something truly WRONG with this woman….she should NOT be teaching our children….she should never have been teaching our children…….this “Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” should have lost her teachers degree decades ago….I shudder to think of what other antics she’s been up to since she left my sphere and what damage she’s done to countless children along the way…..

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