Selfish Elizabeth Pederson

Selfish Elizabeth Pederson

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Meet Liz. The owner of Rebels and Rogues Vanity Parlour. She neglects her child for her own selfish gain. Her “Biz” is her #1 priority – despite her ex bf having to take care of her kid every day. She’s a washed up 32 year old floozy on the side and likes to play with different men on a weekly basis. Liz loves to act professional to her clients in order to keep up a “successful” image. Liz needs to pay attention to her daughter – what’s she going to think when she’s older and knows who you really are and how you act? Stop acting like trash and grow up. You aren’t 21 anymore.

— Looks like her shop does some good work.  But those are some long ass fingers Liz.

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  1. LeaMay 12, 2018 at 7:59 PM

    Looks pretty good to me

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