Felix’s Fungus Feline – Elvia Madrigal

Felix’s Fungus Feline – Elvia Madrigal

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Well here she is. The swinger Felix did not have sex with. Lolz Elvia your hella stupid this Swinger had sex with him and shes proud of it ask her. Yea shes ugly but he doesnt care as long as shes a floozy. Shes one of The Golden Holes. Felix is well aquainted with the group on Sls believe me. This is one of many he screwed. Shes one nasty floozy to , talks like trailor trash and probably smells like it to. Stay in denial though or hurry up and think of an excuse why he screwed her. She tied him up and made him or she held him by gunpoint or she drugged him. Whatever your pee brain can come up with. Stupid women deserve what they get and Elvia your not any better than this Swinger because you lie for him and cover for him instead of dealing with it. People say its because you get excited by the fact that he screws swingers maybe thats why your actions make no sense because no ones this stupid. By the way James is how she talks to him on kik dumbass. James Clinton AKA Felix Onukwugha Jr. Whatsapp too but mostly kik he can get real nasty on there plus his whores been on there for years so hes set up already. Well once again you were told so go stick your head in the sand again and ignore it until you have puss pockets all over your vagina.

— OP I just gagged.


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  1. Ray JayJune 6, 2018 at 10:43 PM

    Whoever is posting this I would like to make u aware of something. When u have this much hate and rage people are not looking at Felix and thinking wow, what a scumbag or looking at Elvia thinking wow, what an idiot THEY ARE LOOKING AT YOU THINKING WOW THIS PERSON HAS ALOT OF RAGE AND HATE.. There is no reason to slander anyone with this much hate no matter what has happened. Please think before u post? I know Felix and I know the Swingers are true and The kik is but that is Felix there still is no reason to go this far on the Internet. Listen, people pay for what they do eventually. He will , u dont need to push it to happen faste or even want him to pay thats evil enjoying someone elses pain.. As far as his girlfriend goes u should feel sorry for her because she is really going to be hurt when she finds out its really true , trash talking her is not what she deserves. Felix is actually a decent person he just isnt faithful to anyone that doesn’t make him trash. Except him for who he is or don’t but theres no need for this slander. Hes has always been a cheater that is nothing knew for anyone who knows him and I believe he will never change no matter who the girl is that just him, one isnt enough for him. I truly hope he does for his own sake and for the girls who love him. He wants someone to love and love him and have side girls to fulfill him. Hes insecure and not happy with himself u should feel sorry for him too. He doesnt realize it doesnt matter what he looks like or what he has or how much money he makes that is not what makes a man. Its integrity and honesty and your word. Without your word u are nothing. U should feel sorry for him , What a way to live. Hurting women who love him like that is a awful exsistance. She will learn and not by u or anyone else. By herself. She will figure it out and she will never feel the same about him its very . Don’t be evil. I feel sorry for anyone thats going to pay for their behavior and pain they have caused others. Its the only way to learn though and he just has never really had to pay for the pain he has caused others he just moves onto the next one and starts fresh with someone who doesnt know him and trusts him not knowing if u can do all that to a girl and she still loves u and after the shock of what hes done still wants him to change and wants the best for him THAT IS REAL REAL LOVE. I guarantee u if she dumped him he would be a full time Swinger. NOT BECAUSE HES A PIG BECAUSE HE WOULD BE HURT AND THERES NO HEART IN DOING SWINGERS. FELIX DOES EQUATE SEX WITH LOVE THATS ONE OF HIS PROBLEMS. He would be very hurt. Its . He could be so much more if he would have respect for himself and make the changes he needs to make. Also respect women. I do believe he loves the girls he cheats on and least the way he knows how to love he just thinks its okay to have side girls. Although if its done to him your a floozy. Thats Felix. He could be an incredible man if he was trustworthy he has great qualities. Most people would think its not love if u can do that but he has a warped sense of love and has never felt the pain he causes others to learn why its not okay to do that. Please dont post stuff like this it will not promote change in Felix and thats what u should want for him. It will not show her anything and she will veiw him as a. victim which at this point he is of slander. Please stop? Your only making it worse.

  2. LaurenMay 29, 2018 at 5:45 PM

    Omg my bestie has been dating Felix and her brother told her you better look at thedirty and get yourself looked at. You said you didnt have a girlfriend.. Shes seen him a couple times. Omg Felix thats just cruel you are hurting people really hurting them. Why would you let her like you like that and have sex with her when you have a girlfriend and you sleep with Swingers? I usually give people the benefit of the doubt so I dont know if thats all true but I know who you are and who shes been seeing. Why are you LYING? You can hook up with Swingers and they dont care its about sex but why do you have to actually date and mess with peoples heads? She said you were a phone junkie and laughed because she is to but you were probably satisfying your girlfriends messages while dating my friend. I saw the picture it is you. How could you do that she only been with 2 guys in her life. Thats it. She liked you all you had to do is be honest you can find girls who will hook up like Swingers so why play the nice ones? I dont understand men like you. That is so messed up. So messed up. You have so many profiles on here thank god he looked your name up and they all popped up. You really hurt her she thought you were a nice guy. Im noy going to call you nasty names or a pig because I was raised better than that but I will tell you that was so cruel. You cant tell the nice guys from the players anymore and you just proved that to be true. You didnt need to do that Felix. You didnt need to do that. Does your girlfriend have any idea this is all on here because she didnt believe it until she saw your picture with her. You dont have a facebook ? Wow. Your a very cruel man. Dont even try to call her and lie. Her brothers with her now just let us help her. Your seriously messed up.

  3. TinaMay 29, 2018 at 11:44 AM

    Hey for those of you who know Felix Onukwugha Jr you know what a man whore he is so if you want to see something interesting bring your dog when you hook up with him. He loves to have dogs lick his balls hes just that perverted. I couldnt believe that one but he did it. GROSS GROSS

  4. KiaraMay 29, 2018 at 10:21 AM

    Your wasting your time posting this. This idiot will not see the truth until she actuslly catches him in the act because she needs a man so bad she doesnt care if she screws Swingers. She actually believes this pervert goes months without sex waiting for her to come take care of him. She is as Arrogaunt as Felix she just thinks shes that good. Dont worry we will all be laughing soon because this girl is pissed her picture is on here because she screwed Felix I just told her. So wait for it. Countdown till Elvia gets floored. Lolz dumb bitch. Kicker is she has HERPES. LOLZ THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. I HOPE ALL THOSE ORGYS WERE WORTH IT FELIX YOU NASTY ASS BASTARD. U would think a wanna be nurse that knows about diseases would be smarter but they dont make um any dumber than this one and they dont make dogs dirtier than FELIX ONUKWUGHA JR. YEA ELVIA HES WAITING JUST FOR YOU. LOLZ LOLZ LOLZ DUMB BITCH. YOU DESERVE ALL THATS COMING YOUR WAY.

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