Fenton Kelley is a psychotic woman abuser

Fenton Kelley is a psychotic woman abuser

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this tool Fenton Kelley is a monster. He takes out cheap P4Ps and watches porn non-stop while you are at work. He gives you a phone to use so he gets the bills with all your friends and families numbers so he can call them looking for you and harass them. When he is angry because you have friends and he does not, he treats them like sh*t or says they tried to sleep with him so you are isolated alone and trapped with him. He has DRD and sleeps with women without telling them first. He tried to force me to have unprotected sex with him many times.

While you are with him he calls your work hundreds of times telling them lies and costs you your job so you have to stay with him and then abuses you calling you a jobless welfare floozy. When you finally escape, he puts up fake Facebook profiles in your name sending nasty lies and hateful comments to your friends and family. He says you are a prostitute. He puts you on The Dirty doing the same thing. He sets up fake escort accounts in your name. He attempts to ruin your life not realizing that there is nothing worse than being with him. He acuses you of being a prostitute and wanting him back when you would rather kill yourself than sleep with him.

He went to jail for two years in prison in Ontario for trafficking heroin and Pepsi and they tried to deport him being an immigrant, but I saved his ass. Huge mistake. When angry, he will hit you with objects and scream at you. He abuses heavy narcotics and probably got the DRD from using needles. He has even hit on trannies in front of me. He verbally and mentally abused my son from the age six on until I could escape. He harassed my elderly mother. When she died, he called me and laughed in my face. When my sister was killed, he called me at her funeral and told me he wished I was dead instead. He is a fat, smelly, toothless big ti**ed 52 year old single guy. He dyes his half of head of hair black and his disgusting ragged goatie brown. Sleeping with him was super gross even though you had to get drunk first. Not enough alcohol in the world, even though it only took 30 seconds or less of hell and he is really small. He is cheap and spends all his money on himself, floozies, gambling and drugs. He is uneducated and because of his criminal record has to roof as a job.

Women and men he dates need to be warned. He will attempt to ruin your life forever because you thought he was a nice guy and dated him, even though you found nothing sexually attractive about. Nothing worse than being trapped with a psychotic unattractive old fat loser who uses you and abuses you.


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  1. dan fMay 21, 2018 at 8:57 AM

    |Brenita Holowka and Grant shcubach are posting lies about people google her son merrick holowka and you’ll see why shes posting lies shes mentally ill she sells fentanyl and killed her own sister and brother with drugs she has been told to stop harassing people but still trys to ruin peoples lives shes a telemarketer who steals and sells peoples info so by reading this you could of already been targeted. her man Grant Schubach has been convicted of fraud and drugs. her son merrick is violent and sadistic man who assaults every woman he;s been with. brea brenita bunna and all her other aliases are so she can grab your information. she has |Hep B and C and still gives blow jobs down town for beer then gets her clueless bf to pick her up . shes been harassing numerous people trying black mail and stalking she’s sick. I had an unfortunate encounter with her and like the above mentioned still get stalked today BE AWARE OF BRENITA HOLOWKA GRANT SCHUBACH AND MERRICK HOLOWKA they are trouble and scum.

  2. jayJanuary 14, 2018 at 2:43 PM

    she even tried getting a guy arrested for killing her sister who died from choking on a sausage because she took to many of her anti psychotic drugs she assaulted 3 police officers. had her son Merrick cooking meth for her instead of going to school and finally has her man Grant schubach from New Westminster stalking him and his kids too Brenita Holowka is a creep .

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