From High School and Beyond

From High School and Beyond

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this porn star wanna be is Felix Onukwugha Jr. The silence is finally broken. This fool went to Elk Grove High until caught in the gym with his best friends girl and another girl and his best friend having an orgy. Shelby Irey was shared by all that day. Her own boyfriend shared her and even though Felix was caught watching them have sex before he decided to jump in the mix in High School in the gym. Her mother worked for the school district so she covered for the orgy clan and they all moved schools to Pleasant Grove where Felix was known for having sex in the band room frequently. Why they weren’t expelled is beyond me.

In College he shared many and he doesn’t like condems. Oh Lord. Guess? He hasn’t changed. Starred in live porn in San Francisco. This pig has had every floozy in this town and the nice girls he sh*t on. He had an affair with a married woman ruined her life and got this one. He broke up with his High School sweetheart after cheating on her and abusing her for years. He will never treat his girlfriend like the floozies from before. Yes, oh sure. When the honeymoon is over he will and he already cheated. She’s just to stupid to see it.

Continue Reading- I condem condoms too.- nik

When is this pig going to be stopped? Why can’t castration be mandatory when dealing with a sexual pig? He uses women, abuses women, acts like a nice guy, but is not. Do not fall for his bullsh*t. He messed with my girlfriend and he met her on Kik, but never told her he had a girlfriend out of town. I hope she gets tested for DRD’S. Now he’s into bondage. You don’t let an abusive man into bondage. This is one sick man.

Ladies, beware of this dirty dog. Because a girlfriend means nothing to this man and she obviously doesn’t care. He’s a dog and a fat one at that. Who pregnant- Felix or her? Damn dude, lose some weight. No one wants to see fat porn. I think all the women this dog has done this to need to stand together and make him stop. This picture is so deceiving- a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a blind woman. Open your eyes . All girls open your eyes.

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