Vancouvers real mooch – Jesse Preston

Vancouvers real mooch – Jesse Preston

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Vancouver meet Jesse preston a reborn muslim and an anti gay activist as he use to be gay. He hangs out at any shawarma place he can find, just because you are brown doesn’t mean you are muslim. He has recently been seen at the mosque moching the free food. Don’t kid yourself this guy has a lot of mental issues. He no longer goes by Jesse but by Abdul. He was caught trying to solicit a refugee who didn’t know better but had stayed at his place in exchange for sex. The guy left. Jesse aka Abdul is a disgrace to the muslim community, He use to be a drug addict and stayed at my house once, he went through withdrawals and shit all over my toilet and didnt clean it as his excuse was he couldn’t find any cleaner, he also borrowed my underwear as his was soiled. He told me not to tell anyone as he was embarassed but he acts like he is a perfect muslim angel. He is also a pathological liar, most of his designer clothes aren’t even real. Go back to Jamica

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  1. StillGayJune 9, 2018 at 11:37 AM

    He’s still gay he texts me every night to be his booty call!

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