Heartless Craigslist Skank of the Century — Jessica Phipps

Heartless Craigslist Skank of the Century — Jessica Phipps

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this craigslist skank apparently met my boyfriend on said site. No other woman he talked to would have the time of day with him under the following circumstances, she was the only one. She didn’t care he was with someone and I was waiting to testify at a trial for the person who raped me, which is just scratching the surface of the bullsh1t I’ve put up with in my life. No, she fuked him anyway, repeatedly, to help him out in his time of need since he’s going through such a difficult time after I was raped and then seemed to think she truly is helping in some twisted way by attacking my rapist, costing him jobs, etc. it wasn’t for my sake however, it’s for my boyfriends because I wasn’t fighting hard enough to suit him because I was not sure if I wanted to see my rapist ever again and attend the trial. Nevermind the whole process of going to trial as a rape victim is to regain a sense of control and closure, no she will butt in on every aspect of my life and counsels my man on our relationship while fuking him. Then when I found out about her after I married said man, he sends a nice kind letter to say he feels he has to stop talking to her out of consideration for his wife, (their affair is over by a year, they are just talking occasionally through email and he is obviously already trying to end the relationship by replying less and less frequently as he was very sick and made a mistake when he started his relationship with her because he was looking for comfort) this skank wrote a nasty letter to both of us, attacking both him and I, calling me all kinds of names. They were nasty cutthroat messages, even though his to her was kind and considerate and didn’t say one mean word at all. Somehow she sees it as my fault that she did something incredibly cruel and self-centered, no matter how she justifies it to herself, a spade is a spade. Then to attack me for the very justified and lenient consequences for your wrongs? Do you somehow think your trauma somehow trumps everyone else’s and entitles you to fuk around in other people’s lives? I think this b1tch has a serious mental health issue in addition to her anorexia and severe cutting that probably stems from having the face she does, not any serious trauma. Her face is fat and ugly but her body is so bony it literally could be a PSA for anorexia. You attacked me for being fat so fair is fair at this point and I only got fat after I was raped. It’s called a trauma response and it will get better with time, already starting to drop off. I at least have a gorgeous face, a smoking hourglass shape and would have no trouble landing a d1ck at any time if I didn’t want to remain faithful to my husband. That’s right I saw the pictures of you and my husband together and I know everything he knows about you. I was going to let it go, be understanding and just push through, but you attack me like this for no reason? This can be it if you want it to be. But don’t attack me for no reason, mess with my life and expect nothing in retaliation.

–I’m sorry for what you had to go through. But it is Craigslist…..


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  1. OkJune 20, 2018 at 7:08 PM

    I wouldn’t call her face fat by any means but I’m sorry that your boyfriend was less than supportive and hope things improve

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