Kevin Campbell — Kevy Duty Sociopath Rapist

Kevin Campbell — Kevy Duty Sociopath Rapist

THE DIRTY ARMY: All the women in Vancouver need to watch out for this sociopath rapist. He will lour you in with promises and gifts and then he will cheat lie and abuse you. He has raped hundreds, literally hundreds of women in Vancouver. Im surprised he has not been reported or arrested to the authorities. He goes by Kevy Duty but his real name is Kevin Campbell. He will hunt for unsuspecting victims on Commercial Drive on his motor cycle. Stay away from this guy ladies, for you own good. If any other women have been hurt by this piece of sh1t please come forward. Kevin lives in Fort Langley, watch out for him trying to pick up girls at the coffee shop on his bike. Uses his guise of being a “shawman” to lure women. He’s fuked up in the head and dangerous. Let’s bring this piece of sh1t to justice.

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  1. Thunfer wimanJuly 30, 2019 at 10:38 AM

    I need whoever wrote this to come to the #rcmp with me immediately. Please help!!!

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