Disgusting Lucas Gill

Disgusting Lucas Gill

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Lucas Gill a disgusting underweight little yokel who has major mental issues. This dweeb claims to be a “Law Student” but BREAKS THE LAW! Every chance he gets. Hes a major manipulator conning girls to sleep with him then flipping and ghosting them shortly after. He will act like a nice guy because his dad is a cop but this kid is so priveleged he thinks the rules dont apply to him. He drinks and drives turns aggressive and can’t control his emotions. Stay away from this loser hes going NOWHERE and will take you there to if you associate with him.


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  1. Gurrl get onDecember 4, 2018 at 1:32 AM

    Sounds like the person who posted this slept with this guy and got ghosted and is butthurt. If you sleep with someone dont be upset if they peace out. Poster makes herself sound sad and pathetic