Mariena Bui — P4P Floosy Ruining Her Life

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this P4P Plastic face Floozy needs to stop spreading her legs for anyone who will open their wallet or pay her any attention. This ho has been at it for years, and has already been on here before – no surprise. She’s non-stop cheating and lying to her bf, Sami who always takes her back no matter how many times she does this to him. You can find her going behind her bf’s back P4P on LeosList or taking trips down to LA to P4P their and take pics for the gram. Nik, she’s been this way since highschool! She’s always starting drama and lying and back stabbing her friends no matter how much they’ve done for her! She’s so desperate, I’ve this ho Flip The Fuk Out when a guy won’t give her attention. Oh and all the sleezy snaps she sends EVERY guy – Even if they’re taken. She’s ruining her life and doesn’t even it know it. Apparently, she’s a shitty lay too! Guess she will have to find another way to pay for all her plastic soon ha!

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