Marija Rancic and Nikola Borojevic sex predators

Marija Rancic and Nikola Borojevic sex predators

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, meet this Serbian couple Marija Rancic and Nikola Borojevic. These two are criminals who work all the angles and loop holes they can possibly muster here in Canada to not pay taxes and are trying to work girls in Canada in the sex trade. They are husband and wife but also claim to only be friends. When Nikola was living with me he had stacks of cash everywhere eventhough he wasnt working at the time. I have no idea where the money came from. I originally met Marija who was looking for a room for a “friend” to rent as he was in serbia and couldnt look himself. She claimed he was a total gentlemen and was basically a stand up guy. And she also lived in the building so i felt ok with the situation.

Well fast forward a month of him living in my place and he is bringing p4p home every other day, high as a kite, and up all hours of the night laughing, drinking, doing drugs and fuking whoever he is paying and it was LOUD lol my poor ears. Nikola was forthright about the p4p and that sometimes he gets two a day because he just wasnt satisfied after one, and was trying to start an p4p buisness himself. He is uncontrolably sexually assertive. One night the first week he was here he aggressively hit on me trying to get close to me and touch me. i had to tell him serveral times “NO” and eventually just went to my room to get away from him. We live in a small condo and he would watch porn in the living volume turned up on blast masturbating in the living room. When i brought this all up to his friend/wife Marija she basically called me a liar and said she didnt believe what i was saying. Well im not lying and im not going to let her make me feel like i am!! I really cant believe she is that ignor When i told Nikola he had to move out he threatened me and told me to watch my back. These two are trying to become canadian citizens i think we need to do a little better Service Canada and Immagration on who you are letting in the country. Not to mention the CRA should look at their finances there was a lot of cash floating around.

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  1. rich as slut pantsJuly 17, 2018 at 6:45 AM

    Thanks for posting hopefully no girl is STUPID enough to go work for these dirtbags i mean you would have to be abducted TAKEN style to work for them nobody would willingly make that choice. Ole potato head lookin a$s and his b*$h lookin like olive oil
    Catch them on the Surrey skytrain
    Report them to immigration f$ck these degenerates,

  2. Sukh DJuly 13, 2018 at 2:53 PM

    Sasha Toth is slimey floozy

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