BC Boy from PG to CR — Mathew Manderstrom

BC Boy from PG to CR — Mathew Manderstrom

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy Mathew Manderstrom is unbelievable. He’s on all the dating sites (Match, POF) and apps (he just found Tinder) looking for free pu$sy. He’s always paid for it, and if you met him you’d see why. A guy this cute only pays for sex because he’s bad at it, mean to women, thinks he’s a player or sucks so hard he can’t find someone he likes. Is it the small penis? The unemployment at 35 from laziness? The sh1tty stuff he says and thinks about women? The mind of an 8 year old? The casual lying, racism, abuse or mooching he’s aware he does and won’t change? Or maybe the complete lack of kindness he shows to others? He’s too cheap for condoms and too stupid for consequences. Plus if he knocks a c*nt up he can live at her house. Or park his RV in her yard. Smoking weed, watching Netflix and jerking off all day, every day. Honestly, he’s probably just sh1tty to women because he wants to be one. He loves the panties! And silk robes. He’s probably racist because he’s scared other people actually are better than him and his small, narrow mind. This guy is a black hole that preys on young girls, kind people and anyone nicer than himself. He pissed on my car (while sober even) because I wouldn’t buy him a chocolate bar. He lives to do things that will piss people off. It actually makes him smile.

— OP, you let this guy piss on your car?


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  1. OPJuly 6, 2018 at 3:40 PM

    Nik. I let this guy let me take a picture of him pissing on a car. A $600 beater car lol.
    TBF this guy is SUPER handy! He’s good at fixing stuff. And yeah he’s obsessed with material items but only because he wants to be loved. He was raised by a really shallow, crazy, woman with zero work ethic and an IQ of 69. So you know.

    I wish him the best. I really do. Just no where near me. He’s not a bad guy he just loves bad behaviour. So he brings it out in others. And bad luck. Peace out Manderbum!
    Boone was always the glue.

  2. TrueMay 9, 2018 at 3:20 PM

    Hes bad in bed

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