Paul Lekhraj aka Prakash Lekhraj aka Paul Raj of Affordable Movers BC is a diseased pedophile

Paul Lekhraj aka Prakash Lekhraj aka Paul Raj of Affordable Movers BC is a diseased pedophile

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me warn everyone about the biggest scumbag predator to crawl this earth! Paul Lekhraj aka Prakash Lekhraj aka Paul Raj is a 50 year old Pakistani pedophile who poses as a 30 year old in online dating sites. The clown is often heard bragging how he sleeps with “very young asian girls” and he has a criminal record to prove it. Paul was charged with trying to pimp out a minor (under the age of 18) but it seems he threatened the poor girl to change her testimony so he can keep on being creepy on the streets. Paul the misogynist will never commit to a relationship no matter what lines he tells you so don’t be dumb enough to fall for his smooth talking and extremely cheap dates. Paul will often get you excited by telling you he wants to take you somewhere fancy but then make every excuse in the book to just go to his place to bump uglies and once he does, he will kick you to the curb. But Paul doesn’t actually sleep with all the girls he claims to. He just lies and brags to compensate for his severe mental and physical inadequacies such as his fear of going bald. Paul is so desperate to keep his hair that he bought an entire commercial grade laser machine to keep in his apartment for personal use. Pathetic huh?

Paul is also gay but shhhhh, (no one is supposed to know). Paul has a very serious DRD or two or three, so girls and boys, beware. Paul also has a very lengthy criminal record and several lawsuits. Some of the convictions and other charges include drug trafficking, assault, uttering threats, assault with a weapon, fraud and pretty much anything else you can think of. The goof also goes around bragging he has been involved in shootings but pays his corrupt police friends to keep him out of serious trouble. Wait, this is the best part! Paul makes his money by scamming innocent people thru his business Affordable Movers BC/ PL Affordable Movers. Paul fraudulently claims his company is BBB accredited verbally and on his business card but that is a lie (which should be reported). Paul is cheap so he hires homeless people and doesn’t bother paying them. When he runs out of homeless people to scam, he hires criminals who cant get work anywhere else. He will sometimes pay them but not very much so they will often resort to stealing the customer’s valuables and breaking the rest. When you call Paul for a quote, he will offer you a deal that’s too good to be true while claiming he is all spiritual, religious and drama-free. Paul will kindly quote you the cheapest price so you rush to hire him. Then, when all the paperwork is signed, Paul will instruct his workers to drive and work very slow to get as much hourly pay as possible. Then, while your belongings are still either locked in the truck or strewn about on the street, he will demand more money up front before he will give you back your damaged belongings. Paul will refuse to finish the move and will threaten to drive off and keep your belongings to extort thousands of dollars more than his original quote and will all of a sudden become a mentally ill raging lunatic, hurling racial slurs, extremely derogatory swear words at you and threaten to beat you even if you are an elderly woman. People are often too afraid to call the police since Paul knows where his victims live. In the end, it will be the most expensive move you will ever pay for without getting all your belongings back in one piece.

Paul has extorted millions and stolen and damaged several house loads of furniture from poor people who could not pay the extra extortion money. Don’t believe me? You can look all this up online as there are many complaints about his unethical business practices and you can find his criminal record in online court records. Paul will claim over the phone he accepts visa and debit but he only accepts cash and only pays his employees in cash so he can evade taxes (which should also be reported). Meanwhile, he is seen posting non-stop stupid duckfaced photos on facebook and driving around in his Lamborghini or his pickup trucks trying to show off his Asian victims to all his loser broke friends (who he talks sh*t about behind their backs) who look up to him or work for him. Seriously, everyone knows Paul will call every goof on his phone whenever he is with an underage girl just so he can meet up and show off his small man and small, shriveled pickle syndrome. Paul is so desperate to hide his real age, creepy criminal record and business scams that he has been pathetically making fake profiles falsely claiming that there is another Prakash in Vancouver that he has been mistaken for. Too bad the fake profile he made of the “other Prakash” was shut down by facebook for using the profile picture of an innocent person.

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  1. F PaulApril 29, 2019 at 8:25 PM

    I can also vouch for what this person has said. Be careful young ladies!

  2. OnetwothreeJanuary 5, 2018 at 6:00 PM

    I can vouch for everything this person has said.

  3. Paul the pedoDecember 26, 2017 at 10:38 PM

    This balding midget has been drugging and raping little boys and girls for years.

  4. Sam SneedDecember 25, 2017 at 9:40 PM

    AHAHAHA this guy and his 2 friends Jimmy and Dominic are the biggest underage rapists in town.

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