Paulina Kopcik — Dirty Nurse!

Paulina Kopcik — Dirty Nurse!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Paulina Kopcik the dirty ICU nurse!!! This sorry a55 excuse for a female is covered in Christian tattoos like hope, god, faith and peace but the truth is that she is evil and nasty. This dirty slore shows up to work hang over on heavy drugs that she steals from the hospital and is nasty to staff and patients when she having her regular mood swings. She bangs any guy she gets for drugs and pepsi. She has no remorse and sells her self for money and gifts. She pretends that she is your girlfriend but if you find out about her true identity she pulls out the just friends card and refuses to give back the gifts and monies she asks for while dating. Keep your sons, husbands, boyfriends away from this DRD slore cougar in her 40’s!! She breaks up family’s and gets a kick out of hurting people so she can feel better about her self.

She has had sex with multiple guys at the same time and loves anal and oral sex. Just give her some alcohal and drugs and see her turn to her true self! Apparently she doesn’t remember sh1t the next day. She targets happy couples from her family and friends and stalks their husbands till they cave in to her advances. She is the workplace whore cougar who has sex with all the male staff including the doctors. It’s sad that people trust this drug addict home wrecking slore to take care of patients in a hospital setting. She uses her job title to pretend that she is a sweet church going person but in fact she is nothing but a dirty junkie slore. If you have been a victim of this gold digging junkie homewrecking slore please have your self checked out for DRDs. She is on multiple dating sites, Instagram and Facebook constantly looking for married men and men with money to pay for her living expenses. You can find her on local bars and clubs looking for her next victims and on her 24/7 looking for sex, drugs, money and anything she can get her hands on to get her fix. Did I mention she has sex with women too! Pretty much all mammals are on her target list. Not all nurses care!!!!!!!!

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  1. Rawbie RindtAugust 1, 2018 at 12:34 AM

    Shes exactly my type of floozy! I need a lot of medical attention! I can’t wait to put my stick in all her dirty holes! Call me for a date 6042711513

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