Stephen Lam — Con man and thief

Stephen Lam — Con man and thief

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Stephen Lam is back! This piece of garbage who stole my wedding ring years ago as well as stole thousands of dollars from other people is back in Burnaby! I ran into him Thursday night across from Metrotown outside of Hot Pot. If I wasn’t such a lady I would have thrown his pathetic a55 over the balcony. Anyone who comes in contact with this loser keep your wallets and jewelry locked up!! This guy will scam anyone! When I see him again I won’t be so nice.

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  1. Dirty StephenJuly 6, 2019 at 1:58 AM

    this is a disgusting human being and a pedophile!!!!! he’s obsessed with little girls and is hunting for them online he lies lies lies and scams people !!! stay awayyyyyy from this sociopath

  2. I want my ring back!March 31, 2019 at 7:56 PM

    Ran into the LOSER Stephen Lam yesterday in IKEA in Richmond. He was with his cute little girlfriend who clearly has no clue what a loser he is and doesn’t realize she can do so much better!
    He spewed a bunch of BS trying not to look like a bum in front of his gf, but I still called this con man out on his lies.. sadly we were in public in ikea otherwise the outcome would have been gravely different for him.
    Note to the girlfriend: This guy owes money all over BC and Calgary, every sad pathetic story he has told you about his past is a lie, his family in Asia was never tortured or killed, he has lost all of his friends because he owes everyone $$$$$$, he gave my wedding ring to some Asian lady that he owed $ to, to pay off a debt. He is a con man. RUN GIRL RUN!!