Sunny leehl is a snake 🐍

Sunny leehl is a snake 🐍

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sunny Leehl guys watch your back fake freind , never buy a house a property off him , this guys a real pepsi head flexes with leased out cars , this guy dates a guy that is 20 years old and is 30 straight pedophile sh1t if you ask me , sugar daddy On the loose also this guy works as dj at cactus club downtown says he’s got paper when he doesn’t

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  1. Grammar policeJuly 12, 2018 at 7:03 PM

    Whoever wrote this post has terrible English. Nik, why are you letting illiterate people post on your site? Not only is it one giant run-on sentence but it makes no sense. Calling this guy a sugar daddy yet saying he is broke? This whole post is a joke.