talal el bakkar — This pervert deserves more than 90 days in jail

talal el bakkar — This pervert deserves more than 90 days in jail

THE DIRTY ARMY: Talal El Bakkar is a “fixture of Nanaimo” according to his friends who supported him in court, yet 5 young girls below the age of 16 reported him to Police for sexual assault. He owns a downtown restaurant “Aladdins Cafe” that serves middle eastern food. Now that he’s been convicted I hope people will finally stop eating at his restaurant and he gets shut down. Link to news story about him here. https://nanaimonewsnow.com/article/599262/nanaimo-restaurant-owner-sentenced-sex-offence-involving-15-year-old-girl He exclusively hires young girls so that he can groom them to molest them, he is 66 and hires girls at 14 or younger (in our country age of consent is 16, and even then if in a position of power or authority he would also be breaking the law if he slept with a 16 or 17 year old employee. Thanks for putting this piece of sh1t on blast, I’m sick of rapists getting slaps on the wrist, and 90 days in jail to be served on weekends for a lifetime of pain for the victims is just plain wrong. He took a plea deal to a lesser charge of “sexual interference of a minor” but he is a rapist. He victim blamed that he was “seduced” by a child, when in fact he provided alcohol, drugs and places to hang out in order to gain access to them. They thought he was a nice boss, and being young and naive didn’t know what his true intentions were until it was too late.


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  1. definedirtyNovember 22, 2018 at 6:08 PM

    Never trust a muzzie. They are scum.

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